Monday, December 21, 2015

Brahma Chellaney — Saudi Arabia’s Phony War on Terror

Containing the scourge of Islamist terror will be impossible without containing the ideology that drives it: Wahhabism, a messianic, jihad-extolling form of Sunni fundamentalism whose international expansion has been bankrolled by oil-rich sheikhdoms, especially Saudi Arabia. That is why the newly announced Saudi-led anti-terror coalition, the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism, should be viewed with profound skepticism.…
While this is well known, it's interesting that it is appearing at Project Syndicate, which is an organ of the System. Formerly, it was a persona non grata like Noam Chomsky saying this and getting no exposure.

Project Syndicate
Saudi Arabia’s Phony War on Terror
Brahma Chellaney | Professor of Strategic Studies at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research and Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin

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John said...

Tom, the monster is out of control. The saner parts of the establishment know this and want to do something about it before it engulfs us all.