Sunday, December 27, 2015

Matias Vernengo — Political Aspects of Unemployment: Brazil’s Neoliberal U-Turn

Paper in English by Franklin Serrano and L. E. Melin on how the Brazilian government shot itself in the foot by adopting neoliberalism as a "solution."

Naked Keynesianism
Political Aspects of Unemployment: Brazil’s Neoliberal U-Turn
Matias Vernengo | Associate Professor of Economics, Bucknell University


Dan Lynch said...

Yep, Dilma campaigned as a socialist but governed as a Neolib.

And everytime something like this happens, it discredits the left. "See, I told you socialism would never work." :-(

Random said...

DL, same in France with Hollande. Actually the whole Eurozone - if there was no eurozone and "debt crisis" there would be less austerity both in and out of Europe.

Jose Guilherme said...

The paper (only 16 pages) deserves a close read.

It contains truly great analysis of the current economic situation in Brazil - and of its origins - by economists Serrano (from the Federal University of Rio) and Melin (from the Catholic University of Rio, traditionally more "free market" oriented).

In the middle of a gloomy economic outlook it's certainly a good sign to see two economists of different schools agreeing on the causes and likely consequences of the ill advised adoption of austerity policies in late 2014.

André said...

That so called "paper" is actually a blog entry disguised as a paper. Most of its contents are not based in any evidence at all, and some of it is based on loose evidence. It's mostly 16 pages with the authors' opinions, which is not at bad thing in itself. But the authors used a paper format to make it more appealing. This kind of thing should turn on a red light to most intelligent readers, as it seems dishonest.

But said that, I agree with most (if not all) of the authors' opinions presented in the "paper".