Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forex trading using MMT. The only applied MMT course is right here!

There's a lot of academic MMT talk and discussion out there, we know that. But how about learning how to apply that knowledge, as in, making money with it?

If you are interested in that then you should get my Forex video course. It's 30 hours of intensive training in Forex trading. I teach my acclaimed system of Market Composition + MMT + Mental Game.

This is the video version of the live, week-long course that I have been teaching for five years. The live, online course was priced at $2995, however, the video course is only $250. And you can learn at your own leisure.

Here's what one student recently had to say:

"I had not been exposed to MMT before, so this was an eye opener for me.  I found it's changed my macro outlook.  As well as the discussion of the Daily Treasury Statement, which I knew nothing about.  Your caution to avoid "axiomatic thinking" was particularly helpful, as I've fallen into that trap many times."

And this...

"The idea of using market composition for entries was new to me as well -- ingenious!  The entries I had used before were momentum based, i.e. trendline breaks, indicator crossovers, candlestick patterns, etc.  Now I'm using market composition for entries, and am getting filled at amazing prices. This makes managing the trades so much easier, too, as price usually does move in the desired direction once it reaches levels where the composition is meaningful.  Already my profits have improved greatly as a result of this."

And this...

"Your discussion of the proper 'mental game' was probably the most useful aspect of the course for me.  I've heard lots of discussion about trading psychology in other courses, but yours was unique as you boiled it down to just 5 main characteristics of successful traders, and then gave us concrete examples from your own experience as to when you violated each and every one of them!  I got a good chuckle out of this, as I could relate to everything you described -- I'd done every one of these as well.  So instead of it being some theoretical discussion about ideal traits, you made it practical and realistic.  Plus easy to remember, thanks to your discussion."

If you want to learn more about the course go here: Pitbull Economics.

To purchase the course please click below.

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