Saturday, December 26, 2015

David F. Ruccio — “What free enterprise is all about”

Dwight B. Billings, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky and former President of the Appalachian Studies Association, published the following letter to the editor in the Lexington Herald-Leader in the response to the university’s recent decision to accept Koch brothers’ money to establish the John H. Schnatter Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise:
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“What free enterprise is all about”
David F. Ruccio | Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame


Random said...
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Dan Lynch said...

Note that "free enterprise" is not mentioned in the Constitution or in the Bible. The first known use of the phrase was by Nazi sympathizer Lammot Dupont in a 1942 speech to the (fascist) National Association of Manufacturers:

We will win the war (a) by reducing taxes on corporations, high income brackets, and increasing taxes on lower incomes; (b) by removing the unions from any power to tell industry how to produce, how to deal with their employers, or anything else; (c) by destroying any and all government agencies that stand in the way of free enterprise.

db68 said...

Dan,that sounds like the republican party! Exactly, to a tee!(btw, I just saw inglourious basterds, pretty good flick.)