Sunday, June 26, 2016

Andrew Batson — What is nationalism anyway, and why is it so powerful?

I would say that looking for a definition in terms of an essence is the wrong approach since terms that are not defined technically or operationally often have different senses dependent on their use in a context that gives them their meaning in that context.

However, Professor Gellner brings out an important meaning of "nationalism" in relation to national sovereignty, which is key in popular sovereignty as the basis of the modern concept of liberal democracy. Andrew riffs off that.

The historical development of nations from clans and tribes adds the element of kinship, which connects the concept of a nation with evolutionary theory in addition to political theory, anthropology, sociology, and history.

We are going to be hearing a lot more about this as the historical dialectic between the opposing forces of nationalism and internationalism deepens.

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Ryan Harris said...
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Ignacio said...
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Peter Pan said...

Nationalism + nuclear weapons = kaboom

Septeus7 said...

Really Bob? Why is it then that only country to use nuclear weapons against another was the United States because of dedication to Wilsonian Progressive Internationalism?

Peter Pan said...

The same Wilsonian Progressive Internationalism that interned American citizens of Japanese descent? The one that had an army and a society segregated by race?

The US was a bigoted, nationalist country then, and it still is today. Then it was the Japs, today it's the Muslims. Today its the rest of the unexceptional world, according to Neoliberal Wolfowizian Doctrine, or whatever stupid label they give it.

Septeus7 said...

See this why I no longer talk to the antiwhite regressive leftists and why I'll never more for any "new left" idiots ever again.

You take a discussion which should be about how geopolitics works and rather than address the point you simply scream bullshit about anti-Japanese racism as cause of use of atomic weapon being nationalism rather than an anti-soviet power play from the anglophile Atlantcist proto-globalist establishment.

You haven't made an argument was so why a traditional Nationalist foreign policy aka isolationist/non-interventionism/anti-globalism would cause a nuclear war.

I'm done talking with you Islamocrats antiwhite/antiwestern Soros/Elite controlled idiots.

You don't care about imperialism you as evidenced by the fact you support nonwhite Imperialism such as the Japanese or ISIS simply because they weren't or aren't white and you have chutzpah claim you are anti-racist.

The Japanese Imperialist were and ISIS are horrible regimes and their principle opposition are Nationalists.

The Chinese Nationalist and the Syrian Nationalist (with aid from Nationalist Russia) under Assad are the enemies of these criminals.

Why are you so-called leftist are siding with crazy religious lunatics like Islamist and Imperialist Shintoist? How the hell is that progressive as those people are anti-modernist ultaconservative reactionaries.

You are like some upper middle kid college kid who wants to larp 3rd worldist Maoist revolutionary cause you are bored.

You aren't fooling anyone with this idiotic virtue signaling about nationalist=racist and "I'm the true lefty I'm down with any brown people" even if they like to throw gays off buildings and want a global caliphate cause they are fighting the true villians aka the cis-white male hetero patriarchy of American Christian hegemony through violent oppressive acts of refusing to bake Gay wedding cakes.

Go back to Salon or Buzzfeed you retarded PC shitlib.

Americans are done with your "it's the current year" and "you are literally Hitler" cause you disagree with me BS. I grow more and more confident that Trump is the right vote every time you idiots post this racist shit.

I'm not even fully white and I've essentially joined a "white pride" group because I'm sick of your ethnomasochism. WTF is a matter with you? Keep it up and everyone will actually want to give leftist free helicopter rides to you folks simply to be rid of this intolerable cuckoldry.

How did we get to the point being pro-American white working class is now called racism?

You are probably one of the "Remain" idiots screaming how "old people" should be denied the vote cause they are racist or something.

Peter Pan said...

Is this directed at me?

US Imperialism is perpetrated by the US government. If they wrap themselves in the flag, its only to make it more appealing to the average brainwashed patriot. The Japanese Imperialists wrapped themselves around the emperor.

Trump, to his credit, would cut down the internationalist part of American Imperialism. That would potentially save the lives of countless brown people that keep getting in the way of American bombs. Hitlerry will do the opposite, and escalate foreign involvement.

Internally, what kind of America will Trump and his supporters build? It could be good or bad.

The kind of nationalism that looks for "lebensraum" is hopefully obsolete in a planet populated by 7 billion people. Wars of conquest of that magnitude shouldn't or couldn't be fought.