Monday, June 27, 2016

David Cameron Exposed and More Taxes On the Mega Rich

In this clip David Cameron is exposed as that the fraud he is. His adviser Jess Armstrong describes how Cameron can barely despise his contempt for working class people.

Well, I'm South London and working class but I might have a hard time too, with some them anyway, as I'm not right wing and and don't share their disdain for people on benefits or their xenophobia. I worked with working class people and most voted Labour, but some were very vocal about politics and were working class Tories who hated the welfare state, at least the way that some unfortunate people needed to use it, (but you will always get some scallywags abusing the system, but it's peanuts compared to the £gazillions the aristocracy steal from the state every year). And these working class Tories were very anti union too, despite how unions had given them good pensions, good sick pay, and five weeks holiday a year. But sadly, not many of my colleagues would ever argue with them, which made me feel isolated as it seemed that I was the only real Leftie left, because everyone else had had their minds taken over by the neoliberals.  It's The Matrix, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I also found it maddening how most people seemed to have very little idea about politics because they mainly just read the tabloid press, which would go on and on about taxes like a old stuck gramophone record, and would go on constantly about welfare benefit cheats, and the cost of public services. But in fact with MMT, Labour should become the low tax party while the Conservatives would have become high tax, but low public spending austerity party. What sort of deal is that?

But these high taxes stops capitalism from working properly because most people have far less money to spend than they should, so perhaps the very rich should pay most of the taxes instead? Milton Friedman and his Chicago School economics doesn't work, so maybe it's time to try something else. New Labour and Bill Clinton went on and on about the Third Way and said whatever works? So come on, let's give it a go, let's push it through Parliament and Congress that only the mega rich pay taxes. I bet it works!

Anyway, here's that scallywag, David Cameron.


John said...

Time Trumpet at times was satirically as good as anything there's ever been aired. It's still occasionally aired, and it's still hilarious.

Kaivey said...

Yes, my a article s satirical, but I didn't know how people would take it. Over the last 40 years the conservatives have been full of it turning back into white, white into black, greed is good, 'look after the job creators' (the robber barons they mean), then there is the 'trickle down effect' but the One Percent spend every moment of their lives trying trying to figure out ways to ensure that nothing ever trickles down anywhere, etc., so I wrote my piece as a reverse of all that.

John said...

Kevin, the thing about good satire is that it is almost always a better reflection of the truth than the one you perceive. So the interview with Cameron's "adviser" is believable, as were all of the biting satires of Blair. I must say, though, that Blair's been doing biting satires of himself for some time: he goes out of his way to appear totally unhinged. It's as if he studies Steve Bell cartoons and imitates the demented figure of Bell's brilliant imagination.

I've always thought that as much as activism is vital to any progress, satire is also necessary. When politicians, banksters and corporate greed merchants are made to appear the grubby, thieving, lying clowns most of them clearly are, it's impossible for the public to then take them seriously and allows the public to imagine a different way of organising their lives, their communities and their society.

Peter Pan said...

David Cameron - The Common People

An oldie, if you've already seen it.

Kaivey said...

It's good, Bob. I remember watching a whole load of the. Very professional, and some are brilliant and most are very good.

Kaivey said...

It was satire, but I would be quiet happy for the the old tax rates to come back that they had put in place after the New Deal.