Sunday, June 26, 2016

France24 — Spain's conservatives [sic] win general election, but fail to get a majority

Spanish elections delivered a hung parliament for the second time in six months on Sunday, adding to political uncertainty in Europe after last week’s shock Brexit vote and piling intense pressure on Spain’s warring politicians to form a government.
Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s centre-right People’s Party (PP) again emerged with the single biggest bloc of seats but fell short of a majority, leaving the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy at risk of another lengthy political stalemate.
Spain in political limbo.

Spain's consernatives win general election, but fail to get a majority


Ignacio said...

Brexit was an huge blow just two 2 days before the election and with the mass media scaremongering tactics, and many went back to vote the conservative party to avoid a raise in instability. The 'enablers' are back at it again, I've the impression that until this cohort disappear, either by death or because they change camps due to losing "privileged" status, nothing will really change.

In practice the biggest loser was the fourth center party (Ciudadanos), with many returning to 'home' and voting the center-right (Popular Party). But also Podemos, which had higher expectations and gave votes to the traditional Socialists which avoided collapse.

In any case, the situation is very similar to that of Decemeber, except that this time they will be forced to come with a "solution" (as third elections wouldn't change jackshit, and probably this is as good as the results are gonna get for the establishment parties currently, due to scaremongering with Brexit, unless we hit a new recession during the next months, in which case thigns may go either way, but probably would help anti-establishment parties).

John said...

Ignacio, at times like these I always think of copying the wonderful Captain Darling: "Made a note in my diary on the way here. Simply says: 'Bugger'."

It would mean me getting a diary, and writing "Bugger" in it every day, except for 23 June 2016!

Very sad day for the people of Spain, but thus kind of politics and economic depression can't last much longer. If it's not Spain, it'll be Italy. If it's not Portugal, it'll be Greece. And once one of these countries has the courage to break out of the madhouse that is the Eurozone, it'll be all over. Then we can celebrate!