Monday, June 27, 2016

George Monbiot — We’re Not as Selfish as Economists Think We Are. Here’s the Proof.

In complex adaptive systems, optimization involves adaptation through feedback and learning, as well as taking into account return on coordination. This happens naturally and spontaneously not only cognitively but also affectively since it a positive evolutionary trait. Evolutionary success involves a combination of competition and cooperation through coordination, as in teamwork. Homo socialis is the reality rather than homo economicus.

We’re Not as Selfish as Economists Think We Are. Here’s the Proof.
George Monbiot


hog said...

a grave misunderstanding of social contract theory.
nowhere does it posit that selfishness is a trait that is best left unrestrained.
afaik, Hobbes was even advocate for strong authoritarian government.
this is contradictory to neoliberal thought.

the key is the recognition that human nature is anarchical, driven by emotions and irrational. the sense of justice is innate, but easily abused and manipulated.
social contracts are required to overcome these flaws and hold society together.
there are no innate traits that make possible a governmentless communist/libertarian utopia.

Matt Franko said...

These people keep looking for a 'general theory' this is UNscientific...

science is specific...

We are diverse. We have some among us that are more/less cooperative and some more/less competitive... there is nothing revolutionary about this fact anybody who rolls out of bed and goes out everyday can observe this...

Kaivey said...

Apparently, conservatives are more trusting of people, and liberals more cynical. Well, that makes sense because of you are quite okay about the aristocracy starting wars all over the place, and if you are quite happy for the conservatives to rip up the social safety net plunging the millions into terrible poverty, as long as it doesn't affect yourself, then your standards of what makes a good person is very low. That means you are far more tolerant of greedy people, vulgar racism, slave labour in the third world and at home, nasty authoritarians, imperialistic wars and oppression. Then if you think that all of the above isn't so bad, then you are going to see a lot more good in people.