Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MMT Trader: far outperforming market. Futures trades, up $20k in 19 weeks trading 1-lots. Forex, all profits, zero losses.

Applied MMT. That's what my report, MMT Trader is all about. There are many MMT "academics" out there, but I am the only one who not only teaches you how to apply it to make money in the markets, I GIVE YOU recommendations that have done nothing, but make money.

Fact: The MMT Trader stock portfolio stayed positive during the recent Brexit selloff and is far, far, outperforming the  market averages.

Fact: The MMT Trader futures portfolio has booked over $20,000 in profits in 19 weeks trading one-lots.

Fact: The MMT Forex portfolio has had ZERO losses and recently bought GBPUSD @ 1.3195. It's over 1.34 now.

MMT not only explains how the economy and markets function, it gives you 100% accurate forecasting power.

No one else does this.

See for yourself. Sign up for a 30-day free trial.

-Mike Norman

 MMT Trader 30-day free trial


Anna K. said...

You've definitely called some great trades, thank you, but how do they compare to the unrealized losses still on the books? KEY and TBT for example have sizable drawdowns. I know that you said one can pay "in time" for the losses and not get stopped out, but I'm just trying to understand how would you then compute if your portfolio is outperforming the markets?
Also, as history teaches us, some trades may never recover, Lehman for example went bankrupt or shorting Japanese gov bonds while they go to negative yield without a pullback still? How would you deal with these situation? Thank you very much. I really appetite your commentary on the markets and MMT.

mike norman said...

The stock portfolio, as of yesterday (6/28), mark-to-market, was off -0.2% since May 18, when I started giving recommendations. The Dow and S&P are off 2.7% and 2.2% respectively.

The performance is based on buying 1 share of every recommendation. That means, thus far, you would have invested $906.14 and only lost $1.93.

By the way, this morning, 6/29, the MMT Trader stock portfolio is positive. So you made money while the averages are still down.

Matt Franko said...

We need to get the Fed raising.....

mike norman said...

A little more time that's all we need. Once they let the genie out of the bottle there won't be any getting it back.

With US gov't spending getting close to a record this year, China ratcheting up, Japan ready to do another fiscal stimulus in the fall and last but not least, the EU on the verge of being forced into loosening deficit caps and other fiscal restrictions, inflation is gonna blow. Why do you think gold is rallying. Gold is shit. It only rallies when there is fiscal expansion.

A little more time, man. A little more time. Then Yellen will be so behind the curve it's gonna be great to watch the beating she takes.