Friday, December 16, 2016

George Friedman — Trump's Dilemma

Donald Trump’s presidency will have geopolitical consequences. Most of the world wants to know what he will do. But that depends on what he can do. That, in turn, will be determined by the political dynamics within the United States as well as by counteractions of other nations. This is a case where politics rises to the level of geopolitics. Trump’s actions will be conditioned by the actions of other players, particularly in Congress. Trump, after all, will only be the president and his unilateral powers will be limited. For most of the things he wants to do, he needs Congress to go along. Therefore, the American stance toward the world will depend, for the moment, less on what Trump wishes than what Congress decides to do.…
Trump's dilemma arises from not having a popular mandate, yet wanting to be a transitional president.

Geopolitical Futures
Trump's Dilemma
George Friedman

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lastgreek said...

Ha! For a second there, I thought it was an article on Trump's bankruptcy lawyer (and maybe his next ambassador to Israel) David Friedman :)