Friday, December 16, 2016

Geoffrey Smith — Snoopers Gonna Snoop

It’s hard for non-Americans to understand how a country that persistently spies on, and infiltrates the power structures of, even its closest allies can get so extraordinarily bent out of shape when someone tries the same trick back on it.....
Spying and subversion is what powers do to their neighbors and rivals, and woe to those who fail to protect themselves against it. Wasn’t that what the U.S. was telling France and Germany in the wake of Edward’s Snowden’s revelations [about spying on its leaders]? By the same token, if you were Vladimir Putin, and your intelligence services weren’ttrying to manipulate every possible process to Russia’s advantage, you’d wonder what you were paying them for….
The people that rule the country and create the narrative that shapes "reality" there.. In the case of the US,  The rationale runs that because America is "exceptional" and "the indispensable nation" it can do anything it deems necessary to "lead the world." Others have to do what the US says or experience the consequences of stepping out of line, which is tantamount to subverting "freedom and democracy."

Snoopers Gonna Snoop
Geoffrey Smith

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