Thursday, January 26, 2017

Charles Hugh Smith — The Collapse of the Left

The Left is not just in disarray- - it is in complete collapse because the working class has awakened to the Left's betrayal and abandonment of the working class in favor of building personal wealth and power.
Bill and Hillary Clinton became the epitome of that syndrome.

The Democratic establishment as the American "left" imploded owing to corruption and became swamp critters.

of two minds
The Collapse of the Left
Charles Hugh Smith


Salsabob said...

Just like with the Lord Keynes article, more crap political analysis and conjecture in a sophmoric attempt to foist upon not only a majority of Progressive, but all, voters who supported what the Dems were offering in 2016. Another author confusing the YUGE and dire consequences of the election with the tiny hands means of how it came about - 78K combined voters in PA, MI, and WI who formerly voted for Obama, twice; fretting over being left behind enough to roll the dice on promised CHANGE! and not realizing that CHANGE! is the equivalent of having their homes burn to the ground. This author goes further, however, with the alt-view that only the Democrats have been in charge for the last couple of decades - not just that there was no recalitrant Rightess but that they actually did not even exist. As long as these alt-realities of some on the Left continue apace, the Rightess are going to continue to run rampant burning down more homes. Get over the scantimounious horsey-poo of I-m-more-Left-than-you and start dealing with the reality that's bearing down on us all.

Tom Hickey said...

I actually would have held my nose and voted for Clinton had it not been for the foreign policy derangement syndrome. And lo and behold, we are not at war with Russia yet, although who knows what DJT will do on the foreign policy front when he doesn't get his way, which he won't.

But as I said about Obama v. McCain, McCain as president would be a catastrophe for America and the world, while Obama will only be a disaster. Same with Clinton and Trump. Clinton would have been a catastrophe and Trump probably only a disaster.

As I said, as a wartime vet I have some moral red lines. I said I would not vote for Trump as an advocate for torture, and I would not vote for Clinton as a liberal interventionist.

Malmo's Ghost said...

It is great political analysis.

The so called neocon, fake conservative right, which has been the right's power center since Bush 1, was as neoliberal, PC cooky, as the left. They are basically indistinguishable.

The alt-right is an entirely different force, and like it or not is the most formidable political movement in the US since the rise of the left vis a vis FDR.

The left started identity politics and the alt-right called its bluff. Got civil war?

Noah Way said...

But as I said about Obama v. McCain

I firmly believe that the Deep State preferred Obama as McCain would have started WWIII. He's a reliable MIC stooge but absolutely deranged and mentally unfit for any position of leadership. War is good business but nuclear war is the end game for profits.

Dan Lynch said...

Great article, thanks for posting.

I've been saying the same thing as the author about immigration for years, but run into a wall of "if you oppose immigration you must be a racist."

Actually, I like most of the immigrants that I have gotten to know. That doesn't change the fact that open borders and mobile capital are bad for the working class. The Populist of the 1800's understood this and called for limits on immigration.

If, for humanitarian reasons, we would like to help people who are fleeing dysfunctional countries, then we should stop making their countries dysfunctional. 9 times out of 10 the dysfunction can be traced to Western meddling.