Friday, January 27, 2017

David Haggith — More Fake News: Media Contrived Photos to Diminish Trump’s Inauguration Crowd

Oh my gosh, who cannot possibly tell from looking at these photos that Trump’s audience was minuscule? The Obama crowd has packed the place, but Trump’s audience looks like everyone is huddling for mutual support. Both photos are completely true. Both were taken at essentially the same time.
There is no photoshopping. So, clearly the dozens, if not hundreds, of mainstream media outlets that ran the comparison photos or other photos very much like them, were telling the truth! The new presidents audience is practically nonexistent.
Oh, but wait a minute …
As it turns out, the only thing the mainstream media’s comparison photos actually reveal is whose audience — Trump’s or Obama’s — arrived first!
The comparison photos were each taken about an hour before the inauguration speech began. The third photo of the huge Trump audience was taken at the time of the inauguration. It was all a matter of timing. To explain why Obama’s crowd surged into the mall an hour or so earlier than Trump’s, consider the following likely explanations:
Obama’s crowd gathered on a bright and sunny day. Trump’s crowd attended on a rainy day. People don’t like to stand in the rain, so perhaps Trump’s supporters have enough sense come in out of the rain for as long as they can until the event is ready to begin.
Obama’s audience had more reason to arrive early. They were attending a unique historic event — the inauguration of America’s first Black president — in which position of the audience on the lawns of the mall is on a first-come-first-serve basis. People wanting to attend might reasonably think they would not even find standing room at a first-of-its-kind event and so would go extra early to make sure they reserved a space for themselves.
Nearly a hundred protest groups, made up largely of Democrats who said they refused to accept the election results (after castigating Donald Trump for not being willing to say before the election that he would accept the results no matter what) said they were coming with the intentions of diminishing the event. Many of those groups said they would do all they could to block streets and block access points to try to make sure the inauguration couldn’t even happen. With such determination and planning, might they have actually managed to slow down people’s ability to get to the mall … just a little?With so many protests going on, Trump’s supporters might have lallygagged in route to watch some of the action.
Because of the numerous threats of violence, the security fences set up around the mall had fewer access points onto the mall, through which everyone had to be screened. Couldn’t fewer access points have caused it to take longer for the crowds to get through?…
This is the essence of it. More, including pictures for comparison at the link. Looks like the media has been caught out.

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More Fake News: Media Contrived Photos to Diminish Trump’s Inauguration Crowd
David Haggith

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When their Anointed One lost the election, big television news networks and primary newspapers coined the term “fake news” because they were angry at alternative media for eroding deep into their domain. It was time to expose these fakers because audiences were fleeing to alternatives to establishment media as certainly as they fled to alternatives to establishment politicians.
Without a doubt there is a ton of fake news on alternative media sites, which often publish what works for them without much fact checking. So, to launch a war on their competition, the mainstream media employed their standard sound-byte strategy that has worked well for them in the past. They simultaneously started circulating the new talking point “fake news” to try to stop the migration of audiences toward alternative news sites. It was time to point out how they, the mainstream media, do a superior job of editing out the baloney for you.
Everybody else’s news became fake news, but the mainstream media’s own exaggerated and highly spun stories, which they ran day after day … that was just bedrock reality. Following Fox’s years of example, the MSM dropped even the pretense of separating their own commentary from news stories, and much of their news became commentary about alternative media; but the “fake news” mantra all backfired this time....
Fake News: The Fake-Stream Media Devours Itself


Ryan Harris said...

I was just listening to Green Energy exec with CO2 activist say Birds and wind turbines go together fine. Sure they find dead birds under the turbines, but the birds just happened to die near the turbine, maybe hurt and looking for refuge in the turbine, right? Were going to die anyway.

But then I'm curious when I get home and go see the videos posted by the Audubon society of birds and they get the most horrific footage of entire flocks of geese being destroyed one by one as they fly past, or giant eagles circling a turbing then WHACK, falling from the sky.

It seems Trump is the same way.

Everyone sees what they want to see and creates their favorite narrative about what happens in the world. Completely bizarre how people convince themselves that their narrative is accurate.

We have the same video footage looked at by the same people and then select portions being used to create a narrative and then people dismissing the portions they think doesn't support their narrative. And the media, the editors?

They are trying to sell papers, they go for the gusto to give their audience chunks of red meat.

To some, the birds just happen to drop dead where the wind turbines are.

To others, the birds are slaughtered by deadly wind turbines.

Either way the birds are dead but the narrative is completely opposite and prescribes opposite policies.

Trump is the same. He is either the dumbest most dangerous SOB on the planet or he is doing brilliant things.

Why do we talk to each other like this, does it really work? Can't we simultaneously believe wind power is good, but it kills birds. So we should site wind and use bird safe turbines.

Can't Trump just be another flawed President like all the others, do we really need fake narratives to get us through the day? And who benefits from the polarized political discourse?

Penguin pop said...

I feel I can't take anything at face value anymore. These news organizations should be going the way of dinosaurs. I have my own bias against Trump, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm just gonna rely mainly on this blog for my news and really, Tom does a good job sifting through all this stuff and presents it as is with a bit of commentary here and there.

Matt Franko said...

"caused it to take longer for the crowds to get through?"

Time Domain analysis... Chuck Todd never adequately trained in it.... ie unqualified...