Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven — What Can We Learn from Alternative Theories of Economic Development?

Short review of Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development by Erik Reinert (Tallinn University of Technology), Jayati Ghosh (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Rainer Kattel (Tallinn University of Technology).
In addition to the strong bias towards Neoclassical Economics, the editors also identify Eurocentric and Anglophone biases in the field.…
The volume also takes historical development processes seriously and has devoted the first part of the book to the study of historical development, including Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Ottoman, Nordic, and African perspectives. Finally, seminal development economists such as Giovanni Botero, Friedrich List, Karl Marx, Albert Hirchman and Michal Kalecki are discussed in depth, as well as broader traditions such as feminist approaches, Schumpeterian and Keynesian approaches, the dependency school, regulation theory, classical economists, and evolutionary economists. This book will be interesting for anyone seeking to expand and deepen their understanding of economic development beyond what is taught in mainstream courses.... 
Developing Economics — A Critical Perspective on Development Economics
What Can We Learn from Alternative Theories of Economic Development?
Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven, PhD student in Economics at The New School

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