Monday, January 30, 2017

Sputnik International — Charges Dropped Against RT Reporter Arrested on Inauguration Day

You knew this was coming. It was transparent intimidation and harassment. Authorities regularly do this as projection of power even in a "free country."
Felony riot charges against three journalists arrested while covering the Inauguration Day protests in Washington DC, were dropped by the US Attorney’s office on Monday.
Among those who were cleared was Alexander Rubinstein of RT whose charges included “incitement of riots,” independent journalist Matthew Hopard, and documentary producer John Keller....


Ryan Harris said...

The Ukrainians are reporting escalating attacks on Mariupol. Maybe "Putler" is trying to see how Trump responds to an escalation. Or the Ukrainians are staging an attack to see what the new Admin does.

Tom Hickey said...

It's the Ukies, not the Rooskies.

They are freaked over a Putin-Trump détente and are trying to disrupt it. This is give cred to the anti-Trump US establishment.

It's totally transparent.

The Ukies have been disregarding the cease-fire in Donbass, too, trying to provoke a counterattack.

The problem in Ukraine is two-fold. First the neo-Nazis are playing by their rules in provoking the Eastern Ukrainians, and the Ukrainian government is in sad shape and can only survive with massive US-EU aid, which is not forthcoming because it is obvious the place is totally corrupt and a sinkhole for funds.

Tom Hickey said...

I should also mention that John McCain and Lindey Graham were recently in the Ukraine, visited the front lines and are pretty clearly involved in this. They won't rest until WWIII is underway.