Monday, January 30, 2017

US Consumer Spending up 0.5% in December

Very solid report.  Release from Commerce here.

Ended up a record year for autos.

Consumers flocked to auto dealerships last month to top off a record year for the industry. Sales of cars and light trucks jumped to a 18.3 million annualized rate in December, pushing the year’s total purchases to a record 17.55 million,


Footsoldier said...

While we were looking at the increased interest payments showing up in the fiscal flows.

Maybe some of of it will show up elsewhere as in private savings and private spending ?

Just a thought.

Matt Franko said...


Page 5 of 36 here:

Only thru November and this report is Modified Accrual Basis but the FYTD corresponds to the Cash Basis DTS and they indicate here a FYoY increase thru Nov. (2 months) of about 12B so maybe YoY increase of 6B/mo... this would not include Dec 2016's 0.25% increase... so probably over the previous +6B/mo. gross rate...

Footsoldier said...

Bingo !

I'll take a look.