Saturday, January 28, 2017

Robert Mackey — Protesters Demand Release of Travelers at JFK as Trump’s Muslim Ban Sows Chaos

Trump’s order also bars legal permanent residents of the U.S. from returning home if they are now abroad, even though they already went through intense vetting procedures to get their green cards.…
According to Trita Parsi, founder of the National Iranian American Council, border agents appeared unsure how to enforce the new regulations, detaining green-card holders in handcuffs and even questioning them on their views on Trump and social media posts.
The Intercept


John said...

The rich Gulf Wahhabis who fund all this mayhem no doubt have no troubles at all?

Ryan Harris said...

I feel bad for all the foreign people affected by the temporary ban... but

I read the twitter outrage of the coastal elite and media,
Looks like we've caught the attention of the coastal elites.

They don't like it when we throw monkey wrenches into the basic workings of their society.

The entire Trump Presidency will have been worthwhile for this alone. Simply throwing a kink into the workings of elite mega-cities because we think it is a good idea for ideology.

This is what they do everyday to rural america.
This is exactly what pisses off the Bundy types.
I'm elated.

It's exactly what is needed unfortunately, the point will be missed, but it's still worth it to inconvenience millions of people so I can supposedly feel safer.

I know it's difficult to have travel plans canceled, business dealing delayed, but you can't really put a price on feeling safe. Social cost.

Ryan Harris said...

Precautionary principle.

GLH said...

Where were those protesters when O and Hillary were destroying those people's homeland?

Peter Pan said...

Trump has a ways to go if he is to match the numbers racked up by the previous Deporter-in-Chief.

Ryan Harris said...

Obama droned 373 times. 4,000 people. 900 civilians. 200 children. No due process. No outrage. Trump temporarily banned travel from the countries that Obama bombed and droned. He injured and killed no one. Yet the protests in all the elite city centers around the US. Why now?

In the modern world, if you ban capital flows, trade flows, travel flows or information flow, the transnational corporations suffer immediately. Sergei Brin was even at SFO protesting. Twitter was outraged because Twitter's employees were from these countries. Democrats as a whole are the workers and leaders of the transnational companies, this is why they are upset. A travel ban threatens their livelihoods. Their very way of life can not go on as it has when these freedoms are violated in anyway.

Ryan Harris said...

Totally fine to bomb/drone these 7 countries for the last 20 years endlessly. But don't stop travel for a couple months instead.

John said...

Ryan, spot on about the liberal hysteria. If it was feigned outrage, that would be something. But the outrage seems to be genuine! Obomba can murder as many children as he likes, but that's just fine. Although it must be said that Obomba's murder of the innocents was bipartisan. Everybody, Rep or Dem, could jack off to those snuff movies. When Madeleine Albright agreed that over half million children had been murdered by Washington's sanctions, nobody batted an eyelid, other than perhaps to complain that it wasn't available on DVD. They simply ordered another soy milk mochaccino with almond syrup and sought out a child pimp.