Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reuters — Trump puts five-year lobbying ban on his political appointees

President Donald Trump on Saturday put restrictions on the kind of lucrative lobbying gigs his White House aides and other administration officials can accept after they leave government....
Trump's order also requires his officials to agree to a lifetime ban on working on behalf of foreign governments or foreign political parties....
Good move toward draining the swamp.

But the devil is in the details on these matters. Often headlines don't match reality. So we'll see. On the surface anyway this is a positive step toward shutting the revolving door.


lastgreek said...

Donald Trump’s Lobbying Ban Effectively Bans Very Little

This is nice, but largely meaningless, especially given the rest of Trump’s actions. It’s like draining a tiny corner of the Everglades even as you ship in thousands more alligators and anacondas to wallow in the rest of it.


Penguin pop said...

First rule with Drumpf. There's always a catch to everything. File this under another "too good to be true completely" kind of thing. He is the king of bait and switch schemes.

Thanks Lastgreek for proving this.