Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moon of Alabama — Outrage About Trump Exposes "Librul" Hypocrisy

More, "It's OK when we do it, but not when you do it."

The real "outrage" is about jettisoning political correctness, which Trump is doing because his base of "deplorables" hates PC, viewing it as rank hypocrisy.

DJT is "grandstanding," "hotdogging," or "throwing red meat" to the base immediacy after the election, both to pump up the base and rub the noses of the losers in the dirt.

Of course, it Trump hadn't said he was going to do this during the campaign people could claim to be surprised now.


Peter Pan said...

The Muslim ban definitely falls in the category of grand-standing.

WillORNG said...

It's not Machiavellian who recommended do the bad stuff first and keep the good stuff for later so it's remembered more.

Andrew said...

Asking people to get a Visa to come into the country is a bit different from turning them away when they arrive with a valid Visa (or green card) when the plane lands. The US has ALREADY had an opportunity to check the credentials of people from those countries (which, I would guess, was the point of requiring the Visa). That said, I have no knowledge on why people from the countries in question should have been singled out in the first place.

This is just grandstanding. And making people really, really pissed off. He IS good at THAT.