Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ben Norton — Trump and the Saudi King Engage in a Major Pact to Confront Iran

President Donald Trump and the monarch of the repressive Saudi regime spoke on the phone for more than an hour on Sunday. According to a White House statement, "The two leaders reaffirmed the longstanding friendship and strategic partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia."
The official Saudi Press Agency reported that Trump and Saudi King Salman stressed the "depth and strength of the strategic relations between the two countries."
The two agreed to greater military intervention in the Middle East, and the creation of so-called safe zones in Syria and Yemen. The details of how such zones would be created are not clear, but if they were instituted, it would likely take direct U.S. military involvement.
Looking like DJT is headed down the slippery slope that leads straight to the snake pit.

Trump and the Saudi King Engage in a Major Pact to Confront Iran
Ben Norton


Peter Pan said...

And people are obsessing about Congress being crazy and irresponsible?

Penguin pop said...

Right on schedule. At this rate, I could expect to see at least a bigger confrontation with Iran in a few months or by the end of the year.

Noah Way said...

Exactly what HRC would have done. The US, Israel, and the Saudis are in alliance to conquer the entire Middle East. Iran is the last big piece and probably WWIII as Russia and China won't let that happen so easily.

I wonder what Trump's payoff is? Aside from reducing the chance of a MIC coup ...

mike norman said...

The mention of safe zones in Syria is disturbing. Is Trump going to order the U.S. military to engage and shoot down Russian planes? For what? To further Saudi Arabia's ends? Surely Putin will be speaking to him about this.

John said...

One of the very few things that was appealing about Trump was his attitude towards Syria, but now he's on flipped and gone to the Wahhabi-neoconservative-Likud side. That tops off nicely a blisteringly buffoonish start to an administration. A big sponge layer of bungling clownishness, followed by a thick creamy layer of buffoonery, and a sinister cherry of Wahhabi-neoconservatism on top. Mmmmmm, delicious.