Thursday, March 2, 2017

Alain de Benoist: The End of the Modern World: Interview with Alain de Benoist

...people have the feeling of no longer being represented by their representatives, many think that it's useless to make use of a sovereignty on the election day which they know they will lose the day after. That's why populisms aspire to more direct, referendum based, or participative forms of democracy, conscious of the dysfunctions and limits to a liberal democracy that has replaced popular sovereignty by parliamentary sovereignty and that is today directed by an oligarchic caste that only seeks to defend its interests alone.
The popular classes are not only exasperated by the “way in which the city is managed.” They want to end administrative management, that is to say end the power of an expertocracy that pretends political problems are only technical problems in the final analysis (for which there only evidently exists a single rational solution) and who seek to seek to turn the governing of men into the administration of things. They realize that “governance” is only a means of governing without the people. What Vincent Coussedière called the “populism of the people” which is nothing other than a demand addressed to the politicians to actually practice politics in place of sticking to management.…
It's not a coincidence if the criticism of populism very quickly transforms into criticism of the people, currently represented as a mass of ignorant bumpkins.
This is what Steve Bannon means by the trifecta of 1) national sovereignty and security, 2) economic nationalism, and 3) the destruction of the administrative state as goals of the Trump administration.

Alain de Benoist: The End of the Modern World: Interview with Alain de Benoist
Yann Vallerie interviews Alain de Benoist

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