Monday, March 6, 2017

Yves Smith — Vanity Fair Acts as Democratic Party Enforcer Against Greenwald, NC, Others; Train Wreck Ensues

In other words, Democrat operatives remain unwilling to do a proper post mortem and figure out what they did wrong, yet on some level they know that their list of preferred scapegoats isn’t adequate as an explanation for their colossal meltdown over the past ten years. Hence the need to intensify the demonization of the “other,” which is no longer just the deplorables in the flyover states, evil Rooskies, and those fifth columnists, the Sanders voters. No, it’s anything “alternative,” anything non-orthodox.
The Democrats are coming across as unhinged spoilt brats that can't face up to reality so they are making one up that suits them, revealing their true pasteboard selves beneath the highly polished veneer. Looooosers!

New blood please.

Vanity Fair Acts as Democratic Party Enforcer Against Greenwald, NC, Others; Train Wreck Ensues
Yves Smith

Another fake outed.

Cambridge Analytica: BINGO!


Joe said...

They can't admit what went wrong. It is direct conflict with the goals of the party.
The Democratic party's primary goal is to do favors for the wealthy, which at the root, is why they lost. They've abandoned their traditional base. They obviously can't say that outloud, so they have to deflect attention elsewhere. RUSSIA, BIGOT, SEXIST!

Many progressives are in denial about this too. In order for the Democratic party to pursue it's real goals, it's number 1 priority is defeating progressives. The Democratic party (the leadership, it's donors etc) much prefers to lose to Republicans than win with a progressive. Corporations love strong republicans and weak democrats.

lastgreek said...

Sorry for stating the obvious, Tom, but in the end aren't you the American people the losers for basically having two lousy candidates to choose from?

Dems or Reps, they will each eventually get their turn at the trough (thus winners), and you Americans will still be nowhere near getting a single-payer healthcare system :(

Tom Hickey said...

As I said before the election, as wartime vet I could not vote for either of them in good conscience. HRC is a war monger and Trump is a torture advocate.

I am not promoting Trump.

I am just saying that American democracy itself is under attack by a cohort that apparently doesn't want an orderly transfer of power.

The way US politics works is that one party is given a chance, fails, and is replaced by the other party, which fails, too. Then the cycle repeats.