Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cyrus Farivar — Security experts from Google, Facebook, Crowdstrike want to save US elections. "Defending Digital Democracy" will "generate innovative ideas" to safeguard democracy.

Get ready for  de facto censorship? The tell? "Safeguarding democracy."
A new group at Harvard University staffed by the former campaign managers of the Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney campaigns, along with other top security experts, have banded together to help mitigate various types of online attacks that threaten American democracy.
The initiative, dubbed "Defending Digital Democracy," will be run by former chief of staff for the secretary of defense, Eric Rosenbach.
"Americans across the political spectrum agree that political contests should be decided by the power of ideas, not the skill of foreign hackers," Rosenbach said in a Tuesday statement. "Cyber deterrence starts with strong cyber defense—and this project brings together key partners in politics, national security, and technology to generate innovative ideas to safeguard our key democratic institutions."
Of course these people have no agenda. Heh heh.

Meanwhile the felony leaks from anonymous government sources continue, and there seems to be nothing being done about uncovering the leakers. Thank heaven it's not disrupting democracy to mount a soft coup against a sitting president. Actually, the people involved profess to be "safeguarding democracy" from the American electorate "since it made a poor choice" that the "grownups" need to fix.

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What democracy?