Monday, July 10, 2017

James Petras — Progressive Democrats: Resist and Submit, Retreat and Surrender

Progressive Democrats: Resist and Submit, Retreat and Surrender 
by James Petras
Over the past quarter century progressive writers, activists and academics have followed a trajectory from left to right – with each presidential campaign seeming to move them further to the right. Beginning in the 1990’s progressives mobilized millions in opposition to wars, voicing demands for the transformation of the US’s corporate for-profit medical system into a national ‘Medicare For All’ public program. They condemned the notorious Wall Street swindlers and denounced police state legislation and violence. But in the end, they always voted for Democratic Party Presidential candidates who pursued the exact opposite agenda.

Over time this political contrast between program and practice led to the transformation of the Progressives. And what we see today are US progressives embracing and promoting the politics of the far right.

To understand this transformation we will begin by identifying who and what the progressives are and describe their historical role. We will then proceed to identify their trajectory over the recent decades.

We will outline the contours of recent Presidential campaigns where Progressives were deeply involved.

We will focus on the dynamics of political regression: From resistance to submission, from retreat to surrender.

We will conclude by discussing the end result: The Progressives’ large-scale, long-term embrace of far-right ideology and practice.


Noah Way said...

The Clinton Legacy.

Dan Lynch said...

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." ~ Malcolm X, seemingly predicting today's D-bots.

Good article by Petras, thanks for posting.

Matt Franko said...

"trajectory over the recent decades"

Same time period as transition from Breton Woods gold standard system....

Jonf said...

Sorry doesn't ring like the whole truth.