Thursday, July 6, 2017

Katehon — IMF makes Ukraine an agricultural nation

It should be noted that the conditions are truly bondage. The moratorium on the sale of agricultural land will have expired by the end of 2017 in Ukraine. Therefore, the implementation of the land reform,which was promised to be done, means a free sale of both public and private lands.
It is important to note that a recent poll, which was held by the Rating group, showed that the citizens of the country are absolutely against to cooperate with IMF. 63% of citizens think that this will directly lead to a decrease in living standards and an increase in prices. At the same time, 53% of respondents are againstthe land reform. They are sure that land should not be a commodity.
Moreover, other anti-social reforms were previously implemented. For example, they increased the minimum work experience required forretirement from 15 to 25 years, which, in fact, deprives Ukrainians of a deserved pension.
IMF is a tool that rebuilds a country's economy on liberal basis. It makes the country getinvolved intoexorbitant debts and then gives it away to transnational corporations.…
Moreover, remembering the history of relations with IMF, the next anti-state reform would not be something surprising. Taking into account the fact that IMF let water arteries be privatized in some countries, so people could not even get water, this is not the worst thing that IMF is currently proposing....
But acting in this way, the West demonstrates what it wants to get from Ukraine: An agrarian state which will be completely under control of IMF and other Western countries, and will fulfill the tasks.
Just as Michael Hudson has been saying for some time.
IMF makes Ukraine an agricultural nation

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Their being made a nat gas transporter didn't work.... as Russia turned off the gas...