Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life for women in Syria; Who is Asma Assad? Bashar Assad on chemical weapons

A long video but if you have time briefly go through the first part which is about how women live in Syria. Their life style is modern, just like here in the West, and they are free and happy. You would think that the USA would protecting these people because they are supposed to be the good guys but instead they support the head chopping terrorists. They did the same in Afghanistan when they supported the Mujahideen where a modern society, at least in the cities, was torn to threads. The Western media is nothing but propaganda and everything you have been told about Putin is a lie.


jrbarch said...

I lost the post where this thought occurred:

”The most significant development in the past 30 years of liberal self-conception was the replacement of politics understood as an ideological conflict with politics understood as a struggle against idiots unwilling to recognize liberalism’s monopoly on empirical reason.”

When does a human being actually use reason?

Well, it depends upon whether you think reason is pure or not.

Reason that is influenced by emotion is not pure reason and reason that is influence by ego is not pure reason.

Reason that emerges from the intellectual functions is not pure reason (if the premises and or the processes are in error). An ideology, a society, cannot be based on pure reason if it has absolutely nothing to do with Life; existence, AS IT IS, including human existence. If a human being has absolutely no idea why they are here on this planet earth, then whatever they do cannot be based on pure reason. When Kabir listened to the reasons of this world, he laughed, and talked about goats with beards and people who worshipped idols quarried from stone.

I am alive. I am happy. I feel the gratitude. “Fight with the self and you will always lose”. Pure reason is a statement of being, arising from being, based on experience; it is a knowing, and a knowledge that is true because it exists, and is obvious; the being having the experience knows it – at that moment. There is no confusion and there is no debate.

Do no harm. Be kind. Feel peace! Pure reason is an expression of being and the intelligence of being. Pure reason is always gentle.

Most people just parrot the reasons of the world that have nothing to do with their own experience. The reasons of the world become their reality and their experience is not. Life is stood on it head. Intellect takes pure reason, confounds it and smothers it. People are thus bound head, hand, and foot – to their shadows; their reasons.
Greed and ego, murder, do not make sense - even to the emotions, or intellect; and certainly not to pure reason (the self). And yet who will listen to the self? The world is full of recipes and reasons, but no one knows how to cook. If you lose touch with what it means to be human, none of your reasons will make sense.

Matt Franko said...

"I am alive. I am happy. I feel the gratitude."

JR, many among us do not think this same way...

Matt Franko said...

"idiots unwilling to recognize "

It's not a matter of will it's a matter of competence... do you have the training?

Tom thinks Matty Yglesias is tied up with right wing groups (LOL!) because Tom doesn't understand this...

Matt Franko said...

Boston Red Sox Chris Sale is 11-3 .... according to you guys the batters are striking out on purpose!


Tom Hickey said...

Tom thinks Matty Yglesias is tied up with right wing groups (LOL!) because Tom doesn't understand this...

Democrats are the ones pushing the "We're out of money meme" as much as anyone. Because Bill Clinton bought the story from Robert Rubin as the way bring in Wall Street while also recruiting from the "Rockefeller right." Progressive Democrats have also bought into this hook, line and sinker.

This is an article of faith of Democratic ideology now.

The problem is that Democrats since Bill Clinton are trying to outdo Republicans as fiscal conservatives, which undercuts their ability to "pay for" the programs they advocate without raising taxes ("soak the rich) and/or cutting the military. But now that they are advocating confronting Russia, they can't advocate the cutting the military. They are also dependent on rich donors so their "soak the rich" line is wink-wink and everyone knows it.

The conflict on the right is between fiscal conservatism and supply side economics (G.W. H. Bush's "voodoo economics"). The difference is largely in that the supply-siders argue that a little red ink temporarily will result in much more black ink than just keeping the budget in the black.

Regardless, everyone in DC is now committed to pay-go.

The predominant assumption of the bipartisan elite is that favoring capital will result in a rising tide that lifts all boats and that public debt crowds out investment. The bottom line is that everyone thinks that saving rather than spending causes investment.

So the prevailing ideology is fiscally conservative.

Matt Franko said...

"everyone in DC is now committed to pay-go."

Everyone in DC is stupid...

Ben Johannson said...

They don't understand, or choose not to understand, S=I is an ex post identity and not an ex ante.

Jeff65 said...

People in DC are well rewarded for precisely this stupidity. Why? Upton Sinclair was on to something.

This "if only we could teach them better" shtick only serves for us to keep blaming ourselves.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Matt Franko, Or as Dean Baker put it, "In elite Washington circles, ignorance is a credential".