Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pat Lang — Forget the ME, think Korea

IMO the US, under ANY administration will not accept having its cities held at risk in the bizarre spectacle of a NoKo counter-value strategy.
Would the US ultimately smash a lot of NoKo in a pre-emptive attack to reduce the threat? I think so. Would the lack of a SoKo agreement on that stop the US? I doubt that.

We would undoubtedly try a Stuxie type solution first, but if that does not work ...
The NoKo reaction to big, crippling, strikes is very likely to be a massive onslaught across the DMZ. Could they capture large parts of Seoul? Yes.
Would a back and forth reminiscent of 195-53 then occur? Would millions die? Probably. Would most of the US Army and USMC end up in Korea? Probably. 
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Forget the ME, think Korea
Col. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.), former military intelligence officer at the US Defense Intelligence Agency

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In general, Americans are ill equipped to deal with any level of complexity in world affairs above the "Captain America" and "Wonder Woman" level.
The "Eastern Bloc" and the "Russia is a Communist Country" lines live on.


Dan Lynch said...

Assuming North Korea has nukes, they could nuke an American coastal city using a submarine or even a fishing boat. N.K. surely has anticipated the possibility of being bombed and prepared for it by creating redundancy in their nuke manufacturing and stockpiles. It's not clear what the U.S. could do about it short of bombing N.K. back to the stone age (we tried that before and it's how we ended up in the present situation).

The logical solution would be to make peace with N.K. and move on, but don't look for logic in America's foreign policy. Trump needs some little country to pick on, to prove he is tough and boost his ratings. Anything could happen.

Kaivey said...

Yeah, why not make peace with the little country, that would be a big thing to do.

Bob said...

Kim Jung-un to Russia: lets be friends!

Bob said...

The Poles apparently believe in Captain America and Wonder Woman.

Col. Obvious takes a swipe at Canada. Boo!