Friday, July 7, 2017

Zi Yang — Chinese, Russian media lock arms to challenge Western press

Many forum participants perceive Western mainstream media as an adversary that frequently attempts to smear China and Russia. Chinese and Russian media plan to seize the opportunity provided by the decline of the Western mainstream press and take control of a greater share of the global public forum. With growing public interest in alternative media, state-owned Chinese and Russian outlets are seeking to break Western mainstream media’s hold on global opinion through resource sharing and joint program promotion.


Kaivey said...

I've been on the Guardian CiF all morning battling it out with some of the readers. I get called 'Comrade' a lot, but I have not taken a pro Russian line, I've just put out a lot of stuff about Russiangate and that it is based on the so called evidence of one private company that the Clinton's paid to do the work. I said, the government agencies should be looking at this. With the facts I put out it has got to be obvious to everyone that the media is covering something up? Of course I can't actually say that because that would be saying that the Guardian could also be complicit and they might remove my post.

I also said, just imagine if Trump had done something like that with his emails and then paid a private company who he chose to get the results he wanted?

The Guardian removed two of my posts this morning, the one I just spoke about in the first paragraph above, and one about the German journalist who said that the CIA has infiltrated the western media to put out lies. But none of those posts broke the rules of the community as far as I can tell. I had quotes and links to sites proving my point. I was successfully countering the Guardian narrative with well researched articles, most I got from this site.

Kaivey said...

This surprised me. Maybe RT is too liberal for the Chinese.

'For instance, while China has no problem working with old-school Russian media giants like TASS, it distrusts newly formed, aggressive firms with an unconcealed political agenda. China’s misgivings regarding politically charged foreign press organizations would prevent channels like RT, which has proved its effectiveness in swaying public opinion in diverse operational environments, from gaining official access to the Chinese audience.'

Tom Hickey said...

The author is Zi Yang. Here's his CV.


B.A. in Global Affairs and History, George Mason University


Research Assistant, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University
Managing Editor, Georgetown Journal of Asian Affairs
Intern, Hudson Institute

I guess they left out the CIA.
Intern, International Fund for China's Environment