Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Asia Times — China will amaze us all, says columnist David Goldman

“China is in the midst of a value explosion via a technological revolution which mobilizes the talents of the largest and hardest working population in the world, Goldman says. “It’s something the world has never seen and it’s going to amaze all of us.”
Asia Times
China will amaze us all, says columnist David Goldman

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Celebrating the end of his first term in office, President Xi Jinping addressed the opening of the week-long 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The week-long event, which is held every five years, began in Beijing last Wednesday. 
Xi unveiled his latest contribution to party thought: “Socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era.” The president outlined the party’s priorities for the next five years, as well as his vision for the country and its relationship with the world. His speech focused on a long list of reforms that have significant implications for global markets and governance....
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No other leader since Mao has had an eponymous ideology included in the Communist Party's constitution while in office.
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Michael Martina, Reuters


Kaivey said...

The richest town in the world is in China and they work 12 hours a day six days a week. All the residents got shares in the council's investments in the town's development and now they are all rich.

The town Mayer was a socialist who held good old conservative values of disciplined hard work. I have to admit it didn't appeal to me much. I worked 12 hour days six days a week for nearly 20 years and I see it as time wasted.

I read about Malaysia once, about 25 years ago, where they did 12 you days six days a week. But work was their social life and they spent as much time socialising as they did working. They would often meet up in groups to have fun and chat. I hope the Chinese model is like that. Work should be leisure.

Kaivey said...

We in the West had a golden era of technological development from stream trains up to digital electronics and computers. In fact in the 70's at school we all had to learn binary even though computers were very rare and took up the space of houses and no one had ever seen one. But then we stopped developing technology and said the future was in services and finance. Now china is zooming ahead into the space age with incredible technologies on the horizon like that from Star Trek. The future was always in technology, but after hundreds of years of investments by entrepreneurs to build up the West's infrastructure the new ruling elite decided more money could be made by asset stripping and running the West down. Karl Marx was right, capitalism eventually destroys itself.