Monday, October 30, 2017

Patrick J. Buchanan — The Plot to Bring Down Trump

Inquiring mind want to know just who is "colluding" here?

The American Conservative
The Plot to Bring Down Trump
Patrick J. Buchanan

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Scott Ritter pulls out his magnifying glass and looks at the Democratic side of the story. It's not pretty.

Scott Ritter, former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD

Before this is over the Clinton Democrats may be very sorry they brought it up. The "plausible deniability" is not plausible.


Six said...
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GLH said...

As Tom Hickey says, "Grab the popcorn."

Salsabob said...

The 'logic' here would have us believing Alan Turing's breaking the Enigma Machine was "colluding" with Nazi U-boat commanders.

The hoops of self-delusion that Putin/Trump sheeple twist themselves into will prove fascinating to future historians - just imagine, however, the shame of the grandkids.

As to future Dems being "very sorry," I guess that might occur with the occasional accidental prick from their future Medal of Freedom pinning-on.