Monday, October 30, 2017

Boyd Cohen — Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship

The Occupy Movement perhaps first raised global awareness of the growing dissatisfaction with market-based capitalist economy. Banks too big to fail, government bailouts, and rising income inequality drew the ire of millions around the globe. Since then, the calls for a rethink of our economic paradigm have grown louder. One potential framing which has gained followers is Postcapitalism, popularized by Paul Mason in a book of the same name. Postcapitalism is not a return to Marxism, but instead, driven by the understanding that a third way that is not focused on heavy handed government control, nor on proprietary, venture-capital backed and publicly traded goliaths. Instead a postcapitalist economy would be driven more by collective, cooperative or even autonomous organizations, frequently leveraging non-government backed (fiat) currencies as well.
To date, however, there has been insufficient discussion about the role of entrepreneurship in a postcapitalist economy. While it may seem like an oxymoron to discuss entrepreneurship in a postcapitalist economy, I argue that is only because we have a narrow view of what entrepreneurship is. In Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship (PCE) I highlight several emergent entrepreneurial forms including commons-based peer production, platform cooperatives, alternative currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) and blockchain-enabled distributed autonomous organizations among others....
Post-capitalism is an entrepreneurial activity. It has to be if the the system is to transform itself from within through adaptation that takes advantage of return in increasing coordination, decentralization of power and decision making as well as economic activity, and seizing emergent opportunities while addressing emergent challenges.

Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Basic Income, Blockchain Cities, and Local Currencies — Towards a new, local, but globally interconnected, digital, collaborative, urban economic model of shared prosperity.
Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado who has been teaching, researching and participating in sustainable entrepreneurship for 15 years

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