Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Demonizing Venezuela’s Revolution — Dennis Bernstein interviews Daniel Kovali

Exposing faked news about Venezuela, although it is also about Latin America as a whole and the US attempt to control the region to advance the interests of the US.
Dennis Bernstein: You just got back from Venezuela. Why were you there?
Daniel Kovalik: I was invited as an election observer for the regional elections that took place on October 15.
Dennis Bernstein: Jimmy Carter has said that these elections in Venezuela were some of the fairest in the world.
Daniel Kovalik: Yes, he said they have the best election process in the world. I agree with him. They have an incredible uniform process throughout the country. As you know, the US does not. Every state chooses its own way to vote. In Venezuela, they have the same machines throughout the country. They are pretty much foolproof. You have to use a fingerprint to even activate the machine. You get a paper receipt, which you put into a box after you have cast an electronic vote. And if people are unhappy afterward, they can ask for an audit.

Dennis Bernstein: How does that compare to the situation in other countries?

Daniel Kovalik: I would say it is better than in the United States. We know from people like Greg Palast that something like a million people might have been wrongfully thrown off the voter rolls through a process called “cross check.” You see gerrymandering, which even the courts have found to be racist. Venezuela is not affected by that sort of thing.

One thing the Bolivarian Revolution has done under Chavez was to create this very tight, open democratic process. The people are very proud of their system. It pains me to read the mainstream press, which is very critical of Venezuela....
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Demonizing Venezuela’s Revolution
Dennis Bernstein interviews Daniel Kovalik, Adjunct Professor teaching International Human Rights Law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law

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