Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hordes of Africans Waiting to Flood Europe - Excellent Russian TV Report

"The 48th brigade lost control of the coast... 500,000 people are gathered at the Libyan camps, and are ready to leave."

"Because there was little food, we were forced to eat food mixed with children's feces."

Apparently, this is the type of Russian propaganda about mass immigration into Europe from Africa that the West complains about. I don't see anything factually wrong in this article and it is sympathetic to the African refugees who desperately trying to reach Europe and there is nothing right wing/ anti immigration about it. What it does state, however, is that the Western backed wars in the ME has caused this crisis. So where's the Russian propaganda, George Soros and Western governments?

This is a very well done report about the immigration crisis from the Russian evening news. You'll find a full transcript of the video below.
100s of 1000s of Africans are being held in what are essentially slave camps under brutal conditions, awaiting shipment to Europe via a network of pro-immigration NGOs and human traffickers. It is an eye-opener.

The EU only has itself to blame for this next tsunami of refugees about to storm their shores. The refugees are merely riding the blood red tidal wave NATO-backed wars.
While Italy didn't plan the Libyan War, they were compliant as their NATO masters leveled a stable country - formally one of the richest in Africa.
Lately, they have taken cynical clandestine steps to prevent refugees from arriving for a better life; apparently not bombing their countries into the stone age in the first place has not yet been realized as the most logical solution.
If Italy wanted a one hundred percent effective method to prevent refugees from flooding their shores, they should have simply not get involved in foreign wars.
This latest report by Russian evening news delves into what the long-term consequences of the Libyan War will mean for Italy:
 "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind"
Russia Insider