Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dave Majumdar — This Is What a NATO vs. Russia War over the Baltics Would Look Like

The significance of this article lies not in the title, which is basically clickbait. The significance lies rather in the admission that NATO leaders are well aware that Russia is not planning to attack the Baltics. The military build up required that is not taking place now would alert NATO of the impending operation.

The article goes on to say that Russia has no need of the Baltic countries, since it is building replacement ports on Russian Territory in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Other than access to the sea, the Baltics have no value to Russia and certainly not enough to warrant engaging NATO over.

So why then is NATO creating a permanent build up in the Baltics right on Russia's border? An invasion of Russia? The Russian military would be remiss in dismissing the possibility.

The National Interest
This Is What a NATO vs. Russia War over the Baltics Would Look Like
Dave Majumdar | defense editor for the National Interest


Kaivey said...

I have read about all the big players who want to bring Putin down. Some are Russian and some are Eastern Europeans and they work with the West. What they are all after is Russia's gold mines, it's minerals, timber, its oil, and it's fertile lands. Russia is mineral rich so it suffers from the "oil curse".

What I've learnt writing here, doing my own research, and reading Tom's articles is that the world is run by buccaneers, bandits, and crooks, and if a country is mineral rich they are after getting bold of control of it by any means. You need a strong army and intelligence to keep the bandits out, so a country ends up becoming a dictatorship.

The US and Europe have destroyed half the ME trying to gain control of its oil. But we in Europe think we are the good guys. The baby faced Cameron seemed like a nice guy, who around think he was a ruthless killer who helped to murder Gaddafi and thousands of other Libyans for control over their oil.

When a country has a dictatorship we can say how bad it is. But if it goes democratic the West will control it's media to get their guys elected and then the Western ruling elite will create all the money they need from Western banks at super low interest rates and buy up all of the country's resources leaving its citizens in terrible poverty. The West will channel all that wealth though the City of London and Wall Street. The West will champion it as democracy and capitalism and will then say the country needs austerity to get out of the mess it's in.

We say we have free speech in the West, but that's only true if free speech has no effect on the establishment. The West champions its democracy but vote rigging is rife in the US.

Tom Hickey said...

Exactly. It's all BS to dupe the rubes. The result is a variation of eStockholm syndrome.

Marx & Engels observed this phenomenon and emphasized the necessity for "consciousness raising" to get workers to see how they are being taken in by the BS that makes them victims.

The ruling elites' solution to that is controlling the narrative and decapitating any serious opposition.

Kaivey said...

If only the average person knew what was really happening they would be totally shocked, that everything they have been told is really in reverse.

Pence says it's time to seek revenge against the Iranians for the US soldiers killed, but what about the millions killed in East Asia with US bombs and napalm. Was it really about the ruling elite making a packet out of selling lots of bombs. Are these the kind of monsters we have in charge?

The ruling elite and some Russian good-for-nothing oligarchs want to break up Russia and plunge it into civil war just to make some money by seizing its assets and resources. Is this the type of world we want to live in?

The 1% get away with it by lying all the time to the people. Ordinary people have a very strong sense of right and wrong and want to do the right thing and do will even go to war to fight against what they think is evil, like Hitler. So the ruling elite, who want to steal another country's resources, will demonize the enemy to get people to support a war. So unwittingly good honest ordinary people go to fight a war for the wicked elite.