Friday, October 27, 2017

Kaivey- The Guardian view on conspiracy theories: convenient fictions

The Guardian wrote a disparaging editorial about conspiracy theories and it smirked at people who believe in them, so I wrote this in the Guardian's Comment is Free section underneath:

'The biggest conspiracy theory going about at the moment is that the Russians hacked the US general election.'

The Guardian moderators soon afterwards removed my comment. You see, only silly people hold conspiracy theories, not sensible lefties like The Guardian. But where are the facts for the Russian hack, The Guardian, and how did my comment not abide by community standards?

Jonathon Freedland has just wrote an article called:

Conspiracy theories such as JFK distract from the real threats we face

So I put out my comment again. I will see how long it lasts.


Kaivey said...

It lasted about 10 minutes.

NeilW said...

The Guardian is a waste of time.

The middle class liberal elite feel under threat and won't accept anything that impacts their world view - whether that is Trump or Brexit.