Monday, October 30, 2017

Claire Connelly — Black lists matter: the betrayal of democratic liberalism

Democracy 2.0 is having its own modern-day McCarthy moment: Millionaire [sic, should be "billionaire"] George Soros has published a blacklist of thousands of politicians, journalists, academics and celebrities ever to appear on Russian state broadcaster, RT, designed to intimidate anyone from ever appearing on the network which has already been defunded by NatWest, demonetised by social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter which have rapidly become privately outsourced state regulators. This campaign of censorship and content control is further proof of an establishment fast losing control of the narrative....
The not-so open society.

Everything that George Soros touches is now suspect.

Renegade Inc.
Black lists matter: the betrayal of democratic liberalism
Claire Connelly


Zero Hedge
Chris Whalen: "Glad I Am On A George Soros-Funded Blacklist Of Journalists"
Tyler Durden

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GLH said...

The black list sounds like a good reading list. By the way, what is this Constitution thing they refer to?