Monday, October 30, 2017

Ray McGovern — The Deep State’s JFK Triumph Over Trump

That the CIA and FBI are still choosing what we should be allowed to see concerning who murdered John Kennedy may seem unusual, but there is hoary precedent for it. After JFK’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, the well-connected Allen Dulles, whom Kennedy had fired as CIA director after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, got himself appointed to the Warren Commission and took the lead in shaping the investigation of JFK’s murder.
By becoming de facto head of the Commission, Dulles was perfectly placed to protect himself and his associates, if any commissioners or investigators were tempted to question whether Dulles and the CIA played any role in killing Kennedy. When a few independent-minded journalists did succumb to that temptation, they were immediately branded – you guessed it – “conspiracy theorists.”
And so, the big question remains: Did Allen Dulles and other “cloak-and-dagger” CIA operatives have a hand in John Kennedy’s assassination and subsequent cover-up? In my view and the view of many more knowledgeable investigators, the best dissection of the evidence on the murder appears in James Douglass’s 2008 book, JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.
After updating and arraying the abundant evidence, and conducting still more interviews, Douglass concludes that the answer to the big question is Yes. Reading Douglass’s book today may help explain why so many records are still withheld from release, even in redacted form, and why, indeed, we may never see them in their entirety....
Going "there." Pretty incendiary for an ex-CIA officer. You've probably heard it all before, but when an high ranking former CIA officer says it, it's no longer just a "conspiracy theory."

Consortium News
The Deep State’s JFK Triumph Over Trump
Ray McGovern | CIA analyst who prepared the President’s Daily Brief for Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, and conducted the one-on-one morning briefings from 1981 to 1985


John said...

I've never seen any motive put forward why a first rate liberal imperialist warmonger like Kennedy would by murdered by other liberal imperialist warmongers. What on earth was the motive? There was none, and so they did not assassinate him. Oswald did it: he had, as the police say, the motive, means and opportunity.

The FBI et al are hiding behind "national security" for the same reason as the countless other times they've done so. Publishing these records would show the public how incompetent they are.

Tom Hickey said...

The investigation was unsatisfactory in the eyes of many, which is why the "conspiracy theories." Same with the assassination of RFK, and MLK, Jr, as well as 9/11.

I doubt that the truth will ever be established so definitively as to be compelling. Even then some people would not accept it.