Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vimeo - Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural

Socialists have got to wake up to this, George Soros and the (neo) liberals are changing our society forever. Most liberals are kindhearted people that hate racism, but we also love our liberal society and don't want it changed.

Some conspiracy theorists say that what George Soros and his like our really trying to fragment European society so they can divide and rule, I don't know, but we don't want to live in an Islamic state.

The Middle East could have been secular by now, but the Western elite destroyed that because in Meddle Eastern democracies people wanted more control of their oil, and that weren't to be allowed. Fascist theocracies suited the West much better, but countries, like Saudi Arabia, trained sent extremists everywhere which was probably approved of by some sectors within the Western elite.

The lovely Labour politician, David Miliband, said once in an interview that he was not a liberal and Bernie Sanders said the same thing. Recently I was looking at recently Chris Hedges video and he said he was not a liberal either. I feel the same, I'm a left leaning liberal who believes in the highest ethical values.

Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural

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Anonymous said...

The Middle East could have been secular by now? Yeah, and England could have been secular under Elizabeth I.

But yeah, recent US Middle East policy has been counterproductive. Defeating Iraq and then treating it like Germany after WWII opened a power vacuum to be filled by militant Islamic fundamentalists.

Secular democracy may be coming to the Middle East, but it will probably be a long slog, just as it was in Europe.