Thursday, December 20, 2018

‘Defeating ISIS’ wasn’t the point of US presence in Syria – fmr diplomat

According to an ex-U.S. diplomat, the Trump administration and the Necons are trying everything they can to defeat Trump on his policy to remove U.S. troops from Syria.

I have posted before, how never ending war is very profitable for the military - industrial - complex.

President Trump has announced the full and rapid withdrawal of troops and US State Department personnel from Syria. The plan is expected to affect around 2,000 US forces and will take between 60 and 100 days. Former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins Views.News.Hughes to weigh in.

Billions of dollars have been spent on training the Syrian rebels to fight for the U.S. cause. At Senate hearing recently, a general was asked how many rebel fighters had been trained, he said about five. Well, more $billions down the plug hole, but someone must have got it?

We Americans are tired of war – Rick Sanchez

Journalist and writer Hadeel Oueis joins News with Rick to discuss President Trump’s sudden decision to declare the defeat of ISIS and withdraw soldiers from Syria. Critics of the move allege that doing so will empower bad actors in the region and numerous US officials still cling to the possibility of regime change. But Rick Sanchez asks, “when does it stop?”

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Konrad said...

No one believes that the USA will withdraw from Syria. The MIC will not allow it. There is too much money involved.

In fact we can sometimes become confused when we consider the purpose and objectives of each of the USA’s endless wars. Pipelines? Israel? Regime change?



We can always be sure that Priority #1 is to keep the war going in order to keep the money flowing.

Rick Sanchez really screwed up in that RT video. Sanchez talks about how Americans are tired of war, and who does he have as his guest? War princess Hadeel Oueis! In Syria she was arrested three times for helping the U.S.-backed terrorist mercenaries (e.g. ISIS™). Finally she fled to the U.S. and was immediately granted residency, and became the Washington bureau chief of Al Riyadh, one of the biggest newspapers in Saudi Arabia. Al Riyadh is pro-Saudi-government, and pro-war in Syria.

Naturally she says that U.S. withdrawal from Syria is “not the answer.” The USA must stay in Syria in order to defeat Iran and defeat ISIS™ (which is supported by the USA and Saudi Arabia).

I often saw such flubs in Abby Martin’s show when she was on RT. Abby would be talking against the US-led proxy war, and her guests often appeared with the flag of “Syria” behind them. Only it wasn’t the flag of Syria; it was the flag of the US-backed opposition. The two flags look very similar. The Syrian flag is red, white, and black with two green stars. The opposition flag is green, white, and black with three red stars. Abby never noticed the difference, and would therefore become confused. Her guests were brought on because they supposedly opposed the US-led war, but they constantly supported it.

Such goofs happen a lot on RT.