Thursday, December 20, 2018

Moon of Alabama — Why Trump Decided To Remove U.S. Troops From Syria


Moon of Alabama
Why Trump Decided To Remove U.S. Troops From Syria

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France and the UK were the colonial powers in the region after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and are still hanging on, as they are elsewhere in the postcolonial– but actually neocolonial–world.
Paris, which was reportedly surprised by the U.S. decision, will try to “ensure the security” of the Syrian Kurds who fought with the US-led coalition against ISIS, according to Agnes Von der Muhll, a spokesman for France’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.
France will hang in there to resist Turkish Ottoman revanchism. OK, bon chance avec ça!
Local observers believe that France is trying to take advantage of the situation and replace U.S. forces in northeastern Syria. A task that Paris will likely fail to achieve on its own due to the complexity of the situation in Syria.
The French elite, like the British, can't seem to get over loss of their former glory and imperial powers. This should be fun to watch.

France Takes Steps To Replace U.S. Forces In Northeastern Syria


Konrad said...

Moon of Alabama thinks the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is real, and that the decision was made to abandon the Rojava project (aka Israel 2.0) in order to discourage Turkey from leaving NATO and allying with Russia.

Maybe so. We’ll have to watch.

Moon of Alabama: “It was this decision, and that he stuck to it, which finally made him presidential.”

Agreed. If the U.S. withdrawal is real, then Trump is defying the Saudis, the Israelis, the MIC, and the liberal establishment. (“Trump is giving a gift to PUTIN and IRAN! Trump CAVED TO ERDOGAN!”)

Perhaps you recall that liberals briefly praised Trump as “presidential” for blessing the launch of 59 cruise missiles at Syria on 7 April 2017.

The withdrawal from Syria, if true, will make Trump Derangement Syndrome look more pathetic than ever. And if Turkey is the reason, then another false-flag “gas attack” will make no difference.

Tonight I shall drink to celebrate. If the whole thing turns out to be bullshit, I will still enjoy tonight.

Blessed are the peacemakers… ~ Matthew 5:9

No doubt Trump has infuriated the warmongering evangelical “Christians."

Konrad said...

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned today because of the Syrian withdrawal.

I shall miss those weirdly shaped ears and those pillows under his eyes.

The MIC is weeping and wailing.

“We’re losing control of Trump! He’s acting presidential!”

Nebris said...

Eh...He's just creating distractions from all the investigations closing in on him and his clan.