Thursday, December 27, 2018

TRNN - The Global Power Elite: A Transnational Class

Peter Philips, author of the book, Giants: The Global Power Elite, says that the one percent own half of the wealth in the world and they have run out of places to re-invest their money. If you think about it, if you make a profit and keep re-investing that profit to make even more profit you are eventually going to run out of places to invest it.

To find new places to invest their money the One Percent have got the IMF to force countries to privatise their public services and infrastructure, which is known as Neoliberalism.

Looking for new investments the One Percent are also fast using up all the world's resources and this is causing catastrophic climate change.

War is extremely profitable so the elite have put a lot of their money into the Military -industrial -complex, and so we have never ending war.

Peter Philips is hoping the One Percent will come to their senses and realise that this can't go on forever because it is destroying the planet. He is hoping that some of them will read his book.

Peter Phillips, the author of the book, "Giants: The Global Power Elite," examines the roles and networks of the world's richest and most powerful. This class is no longer bound to national concerns, only to the expansion of its own power, says Phillips


Konrad said...

Kevin, this is off-topic, but an Irish writer deftly explains why Sinn Féin loves EU tyranny.

Ireland, in rebelling against Britain, historically sought help from imperial Spain (1601), imperial France (1798) and imperial Germany (1916).

Ireland spent so many years seeking European help against the UK, that today Sinn Féin continues to rebel against an extinct UK “empire” by appealing to an extinct “Europe.”

Sinn Féin does this by condemning Brexit, and thereby praising EU tyranny. Knee jerk worship of Europe, and knee jerk hatred of Britain, has turned the great Irish rebellion on its head.

The Irish fight was supposedly against foreign rule. Hence the rise of Sinn Féin ("ourselves alone").

Today the Irish "rebellion" wants foreign rule by the EU, just to spite Britain.

The Irish fools deserve what they get.

Konrad said...

Peter Phillips examines the roles and networks of the world's richest and most powerful. This class is no longer bound to national concerns, only to the expansion of its own power.
This is why the corporate media outlets call nationalism “evil,” and a “threat” (to neoliberalism, and to the oligarchs’ global power). It is why media outlets condemn nationalists like Marine Le Pen as “Nazis.”

The stupid peasants have long brought into this trash, but some are slowly waking up. Some see that the evil ones are globalist bankers like Macron, who claims that nationalism (love of France) is evil, while “patriotism” (love of Brussels tyranny) is good.

The corporate media outlets support neoliberal fascism by calling nationalist liberty “fascism.”

Likewise, politically correct Social Justice Warriors support neoliberal fascism by calling nationalism “racism” and “white supremacism.”

If you want your own government to have a say in immigration, you are a “fascist.”

Any form of community solidarity is “fascist.”

Pining for a past when everyone left his house door unlocked is “fascist.”

Wanting home rule is “fascist.”

Resistance to globalism and neoliberalism is “fascist.”

This is the kind of SHIT we are fed every day from the corporate media outlets, and from young anti-fascist fascists like “Antifa.”

Konrad said...

Marine Le Pen continues to rise in popularity, while Macron continues to fall.

Therefore the bankers and oligarchs, and their neoliberal toadies, are now calling Marine Le Pen a Russian agent who is a member of the Russian mafia, which is ruled by Putin. (!!!)

(All nationalists are “Russian agents.” Anyone who questions neoliberal lies is a “Russian agent,” and is “far right.”)


Such filth can program the peasants as long as the peasants have enough to eat. When the peasants begin to starve, they don’t care about “Russian agents” and “far right fascists.”

They bring out the guillotines.

Kaivey said...

Jimmy Dore had a show where the Russians were said to have targeted the black vote to stay at home vote for Trump or Hill Stein rather than Hilary. The Russians are getting more and more blame put on them. Think of a number? Surely the Western public are beginning to cotton on? I've got a good one for tomorrow.

Anyway, with Hilary about to start WW3, who can blame anyone from trying to stop her from getting into the Whitehouse? But I'm glad someone did, and it was Trump, not the Russians that stopped her, because the public knew she was a fake and had no interest in them.