Friday, December 28, 2018

Jimmy Dore - Russia Used SexToys To "Foment Discord" Says News Article

The Russians are getting blamed for everything: They were behind the Yellow Vests protest; the Brexit vote was blamed on them; the BBC recently said that Russia uses humor to influence people, but no jokes are ever allowed to be said about Putin; the Russians influenced the black vote either by getting them to stay at home, or vote for Trump, or Jill Stein.

When the Google CEO was asked by Congress if they had identified how much money Russian agents had spent on influencing the presidential election, the CEO said yes, $4,700. Well, everyone is going through bad times, I guess, and having to make cut backs, even Putin.

The evil Russians are just like the bad guys in the James Bond films, Dr No, or Golffinger. They sit in their cyber bunkers hacking the world: They are fiendish, sinister, extremely clever, and yet very evil. They even put out cute little puppy adds to trick unsuspecting people. But the Russians are so dumb that they put out two thirds of the adds in Russian and most were after the election.

Now the new one: 'Russia used sex toys to ferment discord', says new article.

'Do Americans like sex?' 'No', says Jimmy Dore, ' it's the Russians messing with your mind '. Ha! Ha!

Senate Security Expert Suspended From Facebook - RussiaGate Crumbling


Konrad said...

This one goes into the file marked, “No this is not The Onion.

The cartoon that Jimmy shows at the beginning is priceless.

The US Senate Intelligence (sic) Committee wanted a new “bombshell” on Russia, so they hired some clowns to fabricate one. The clowns produced a 100-page “report” which claims that sex toys put Trump in the White House.

Even worse, Russian sex toy ads targeted our vulnerable and beloved (and disgustingly militant) LGBTQXYZ community. The horror!

This is a good time to be a comedian.

The buffoons of Russia-gate write all your jokes for you.

Konrad said...

Washington politicians become more pathetic each day.

On 24 Dec 2018, Neoliberal Democrat and Israel firster Chuck Schumer tweeted the following…

It’s Christmas Eve and @realDonaldTrump is plunging the country into chaos. The stock market is tanking and the president is waging a personal war on the Federal Reserve – after he just fired the Secretary of Defense.

23 minutes later, Neoliberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi tweeted (not forwarded) the exact same thing word-for-word.

Schumer and Pelosi then posted a series of nearly-identical follow-up messages.

The tweets of neoliberal Democrats all seem to be written by one author.

RT discusses this. . .

Ryan Harris said...

Russia is a concrete manifestation of traditional culture which challenges, threatens liberal supremacists. It isn't as threatening and glamorous as radical liberals imagine. Russia is pretty backwards and poor by comparison. Putin isn't all knowing and powerful, just good at his job. The UK tends to use Russia as the Boogeyman more than US. When you see it used in US culture, and you dig into the details, usually you find Brit influence campaigns.

GLH said...

"The tweets of neoliberal Democrats all seem to be written by one author. " They both work for the same people and read from the same script.