Friday, December 28, 2018

George Galloway - Killing Kelly

George Galloway is fearless. As a young man he was a boxer, but he wasn't all fireworks, like Mike Tyson, or a showman, like Muhammad Ally; no, he would just give one fatal blow after another until his opponent wilted. George knew when he was going to win, which was when he saw in his opponents eyes that they just wanted it to stop. Today, he still sees that same look of fear in the eyes of many of his political opponents.

He's making another film, which is about the strange death of Dr David Kelly.

“I will be found dead in the woods.... there are many dark actors milling around” Dr David Kelly CMG (2003)

Killing Kelly' looks at the strange death of Dr David Kelly amidst the swirl of events surrounding the Bush and Blair invasion and occupation of Iraq. Kelly, a former government scientist at the Porton Down Chemical and Biological Weapons facility in England and a weapons inspector in Iraq, was found dead in the woods - as he predicted he would be if Iraq was invaded.
George Galloway - Killing Kelly

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