Sunday, December 22, 2019

China Is Still Building an Insane Number of New Coal Plants

Three years ago this month, the Paris climate agreement went into effect, and so far things aren’t looking great.

But most of the plants aren't being fully utilised, and some are not being used at all, so they probably are for emergency. It says in the article how China often over builds and under utilises. 

China has the biggest carbon footprint of all countries, but it is the industrial factory for the world. 

Many countries are struggling to hit their emission reduction goals, the United States confirmed its intention to withdraw from the agreement, and tech giants are cozying up to the fossil fuel industry and climate change deniers. Meanwhile, entire cities are sinking into the ocean, wildfires are ravaging the West Coast of the US, glaciers are melting, and the ocean is dying. The writing is on the wall: If something doesn’t change soon, our goose is cooked.


China Is Still Building an Insane Number of New Coal Plants


Andrew Anderson said...

The writing on the wall

Joe said...

Man, the Chinese really know how to do a hoax.

Matt Franko said...

Nutters better send Greta over there pronto...

Peter Pan said...

As always, it's the economy, stupid.