Friday, December 27, 2019

UK Colomn News - Bill Binney: British Interference In US Election

Bill Binney says all of our mainstream media is controlled by the intelligence agencies.

UK Column's Mike Robinson speaks to former NSA analyst William Binney about the Trump impreachment, Russiagate and UK, not Russian, interference in the US election process.


Bob Roddis said...

So, in addition to government control of the modern funny money system, the educational system, the cartelized health care system, the media is controlled by intelligence agencies.

So, when government completely controls an industry or economic sector, that is the EXACT SAME THING as when the government has no control at all over the industry or sector, right? Government control is just another example of the free market. I get it!

You guys are geniuses.

S400 said...

Chile is the greatest place in earth. Free market just delivers over and over again. Why can’t those ungrateful peasants understand that!?