Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sarah Knapton - Academics derided for claiming 'quantum supremacy' is a racist and colonialist term

How Identity Politics can go off the rails, although I am unable to read the whole article because it's behind a paywall.

The term ‘quantum supremacy’ to refer to the moment where quantum computers outperform classical machines, is a racist and colonialist term, scientists have argued, sparking a heated row in academia.

In the latest edition of the journal Nature, a group of 16 scientists, including academics from Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol Universities, said the term ‘supremacy’ risked increasing divisions of race, class and gender.

The Telegraph 


Matt Franko said...

“”liberal politics can go off the rails,”

It’s IDENTITY politics not Liberal politics...

Kaivey said...

I changed it, because it's more technically correct.

Matt Franko said...

“I changed it, because it's more technically correct.”

Well then that certainly disqualifies you for an Art Degree.... :p

Ralph Musgrave said...

Please also note that we're not allowed to use the word "Eskimo" any longer:

In fact probably best to stop using words at all. Nobody say or write anything from now onwards.

Peter Pan said...

Newfies shouldn't be drinking and talking at the same time.