Monday, December 23, 2019

The Collapse of Neoliberalism — Ganesh Sitaraman

The long-dominant ideology brought us forever wars, the Great Recession, and extreme inequality. Good riddance.
Useful summary.

The New Republic
The Collapse of Neoliberalism
Ganesh Sitaraman, Professor at Vanderbilt Law School and the author of The Great Democracy: How to Fix Our Politics, Unrig the Economy, and Unite America

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Bob Roddis said...

This is just another piece of the never ending "progressive" fraud. The salient and most important attribute of the world economy for the past 48 years has been Modern Money. Things have turned out EXACTLY as Austrian analysis would expect, except at a slower rate than some commentators had predicted. The problems of the boom-bust cycle and wealth disparity are both CAUSED by the Modern Money system. To blame this on "capitalism" or "laissez faire" is the typical progressive lie. It is the equivalent of claiming that the IG report exonerated the FBI.