Thursday, December 26, 2019

Austerity, not the populists, destroyed Europe’s centre ground

Some people in Europe saw the Far East zooming ahead and decided the answer was to increase competition and immigration at home to lower wages, and to destroy Europe's welfare state and social democracy. But was it really necessary, surely we could have chugged along quite nicely, which suited us, as most of us never wanted to be that rich, just happy? 

If there was one widespread coverage that accelerated that development, it was austerity. We have now come to guage austerity primarily by way of its financial affect. However it’s the political fallout from public spending cuts that’s most probably to persist.

Austerity as a coverage is the consequence of a poor understanding of economics coupled with a self-righteous thoughts and a bent to spend an excessive amount of time along with your friends at locations like Davos.

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WORLD NEWSAusterity, not the populists, destroyed Europe’s centre ground

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