Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Why the left keeps losing, Rebel Wisdom podcast

An excellent video on the split between left and right and how it can be healed.

Buddhist academics here seem to be very advanced in acknowledging how our own demons get projected onto others. I thought the Buddhists would be the most liberal, but here they bridge both left and right to find wholeness.

The liberals think they are the nice people, but they are becoming very angry indeed. They hate oppression, but could they become the oppressors - liberal authoritarianism?

The liberals here who made this video concede the right might be right about limiting immigration.

On social media we can become concentrated in our bubbles all affirming each others views, and then we see can people with different views as the enemy.

The UK election has delivered a landslide win for the right-wing Conservatives, and the biggest defeat for the left-wing Labour party since 1935. What caused it? Why has the left gone down to so many defeats recently, and what would they need to do to change it.

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Matt Franko said...

" here they bridge both left and right to find wholeness."

" liberal authoritarianism?"

Well maybe the liberals are bridging over to authoritarianism to find wholeness in a Liberal-Authoritarianism synthesis?

They are acting just like the Buddhists in methodology...