Thursday, December 19, 2019

Renegade Inc. - The State of British Banking

Labour were going to sort out the finance sector, which is why it fought so hard to prevent them gaining power.

It is just like Yes Minister, the great British comedy, where unless a minister has a lot of experience in finance, or the military, etc, and they usually don't, they will have to rely on very experienced civil servants instead, who will tell them what to do and what to say.

But the civil servants, the regulatory authorities, and the bankers are all part of the same club - the Gentry - who scratch each others backs and look out for each other. And it's a revolving door, where civil servants and regulators will eventually get top jobs in banking.

Not all banks are crooked, but far too many of them are, and they are running a criminal enterprise, the panel here says.

The banks spend hundreds of millions on the best lawyers each year, while the government only spends a few million to prevent banking crime. The government is  completely out-manoeuvred. The crime is said to be so bad that it is wrecking the British economy.

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